Welcome to ElderSpirit!

Who We Are and What We Live By

Our Mission is: "To be a participatory community of mutual support in which all spiritual paths are respected and encouraged."

ElderSpirit community
in Abingdon, Virginia is a unique intentional community that has combined many components in such a way that a lifestyle for pro-active elders has purpose and meaning.  The components are: co-housing in a mixed income community, member co-management, spirituality, and mutual support.

ElderSpirit community is an experience in affirmative aging.  The community was created as an antidote to "the three negatives of aging" as defined by Bill Thomas, a pioneer with the "greenhouse" movement: feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.  Residents at ElderSpirit are engaged in “growing” a community that encourages allowing and integrating a variety of differences, and living the common values.  At the same time we are engaged in "growing" ourselves, encouraging personal development and growth.

It is exciting! What has emerged from the group is an entity that no single individual could have imagined or implemented, including activities that are community-generated.

Late-life spirituality is being defined on an ongoing daily basis through service, prayer and deepening relationships.  Mutual support is being lived by not just taking a meal to someone but learning to give and receive help in such a way that both parties feel valued.

ElderSpirit community is a work in progress. May it always be!!!








Cathryn Wellner, on her blog "This gives me hope", cites ElderSpirit as #325 in her 1001 reasons to be optimistic. She says "ElderSpirit brings depth and dignity to aging." Take a look: hope

Two rental homes have become available in ElderSpirit Community.

The 2 bedroom rental home is on the lower level, about in the middle of the pedway. The maximum allowable annual income for this unit is $21,780 for one person, $24,900 for two. The monthly rent is $500. 

The 1 bedroom rental home that is available is located at 100 Trailview Drive, on the upper level. The monthly rent for this apartment is $373. It may be rented to 1 person whose annual income is no more than $18,150, or to two persons whose combined income is no more than $20,750.

If you are interested in either of these apartment homes, or if you have questions, contact Catherine Rumschlag, or call 276-619-5544.  All applicants must complete the application process for ElderSpirit Community.  See the page on this site titled "If this sounds like you", and from there follow a link to the document named "Application Process."


ElderSpirit Community, Inc., a separate organization, sponsors regular retreats, through which you can explore living in community. The next retreat will be held October 23 through 24, 2015 at Jubilee House in Abingdon, BA. Click here for information, or call 276-698-3289 or email Monica Appleby.

To explore the early days of ElderSpirit, please follow this link to the website of ElderSpirit Community Inc.: www.elderspirit.net



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