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We welcome all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap,

familial status, elderliness, or national origin.



Financial Information –
ElderSpirit Community at Trailview, Abingdon, VA

Rental Home Incomes:

At the present time the charge for a 2 BR rental is $500 a month; a 1 BR rental $373, and a smaller apartment is $335.  Renters also pay their own utilities.  Because our rentals were built with government funds, they are restricted to renters who meet government income guidelines.  I will list the maximum annual income at this time: 1 BR, 1 person, $17,750; 2 people $20,300. 2 BR 1 person $21,300, 2 people $24,360, 3 people $27,420, 4 people $30,420.

The sizes of the homes are as follows:

All two bedroom (both rentals and owners) are 960 sq. ft.
All one bedroom (both rentals and owners) are 760 sq. ft.
Apartments in the Common House are 590 sq. ft.
An enclosed deck at an owner's home adds 100 sq. ft.

Eligibility to rent is determined by Management.

Management comprises the ElderSpiritDevelopment Corporation, and individuals or companies with whom ESDC has contracted to manage the rentals and common properties. For a secure determination of eligibility it is necessary to complete the application for renting. References, credit and criminal background and rental history will be checked. The complete determination of eligibility is done when a unit is available to a particular applicant.


Some have asked about cost of utilities. For a 1 BR home, electricity, water and sewer would be about $120 a month. However there are many variables, depending on weather and use of equipment, etc.

Owner Homes:

When a home is for sale, the seller sets the price.  Most recently homes have sold for $140,000 to $170,000. Owners pay a monthly maintenance fee of $165 to ElderSpirit Development Corporation, and a fee of $10 per month to the Owners Association. Owners also pay real estate taxes which amount to about $700 a year for a 2 BR home

For owned and rented homes available at this time, please see the page titled “News” on this web site.

Revised February 2017