ElderSpirit embraces Diversity: Spiritual, Cultural, Racial, Familial status, Gender, Political as well as in Ability, Interests and Income.

Our Mission is: "To be a participatory community of mutual support in which all spiritual paths are respected and encouraged."

Members believe that spiritual growth is a primary work of those in the later stages of life. Agreeing that freedom of religion is fundamental, we encourage each other in the search for meaning and commitment to a spiritual path. For some this may include attendance at one of the many local religious organizations, while for others it involves personal spiritual practice. There is a Spirit House located on-site for all to use.

We represent many diverse life paths and because of that diversity, acceptance of each other is paramount to a harmonious and smoothly functioning community.

While a majority of ElderSpirit members are affiliated with various Christian denominations, many participate in other forms of spirituality, such as Unitarian Universalism, Jewish mysticism, Buddhism and others.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays a vespers service is held in the Spirit House. Various members volunteer to lead each service, resulting in a great variety of programs. Usually 10 or 15 members participate.

Once a week, members are invited to a period of Eastern meditation in one of our homes.

A Meeting of the Religous Society of Friends (Quakers) rents space from ElderSpirit to gather at least once a week in the Spirit House.

We strive to accept, with thoughtful consideration, what another member believes, or does, or thinks.

Learning to Grow Together

ElderSpirit Community is a "learning community." We share and learn from each other.

We come to community with our years of diverse experience; learning to belong and get along with others is an on-going opportunity and growth.

Every human encounter is a lesson and an opportunity to share values. For many of us, maturing years have brought a more gentle outlook on life and we appreciate the opportunity for working, playing, and living together in our Community.

Our managing committees, work teams and informal gatherings provide opportunities to get to know each other on a deeper, more personal level.

Social and organizational equality within the Community.

We were the first mixed-income intentional community for seniors that includes both purchased and low-income rented homes. We are organized on a structurally egalitarian basis, with homeowners and home renters having equal value in leadership and decision-making.

This is the official website of ElderSpirit Community at Trailview. We welcome all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, elderliness, or national origin.


ElderSpirit Community is entirely smoke-free, including the grounds.