Spiritual Diversity

Our goal is “To be a participatory community of mutual support in which all spiritual paths are respected and encouraged”.

Members believe that spiritual growth is a primary work of those in later stages of life. Agreeing that freedom of religion is fundamental, we encourage each other in the search for meaning and commitment to a spiritual path. There is a Spirit House located on site for all to use.

We have members of ElderSpirit Community who follow various spiritual paths. Among these paths are Christianity, Quakerism, Unitarian Universalism, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

On Tuesday and Thursday a Vespers service is held in the Spirit House and is led by anyone willing to volunteer.

On site, we also have two weekly meditation groups and a Quaker Meeting on Sunday morning.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity indicates our willingness to appreciate and accept the differences in individuals. These differences can be based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, faith and social status among others.

ElderSpirit Community is a “learning community” in which we come together with our years of experience.

Every human encounter is an opportunity to practice and grow and to share values. For many of us, maturing years have brought a more gentle outlook on life and we appreciate the challenge of working, playing and living together in our Community. Learning to belong and get along with others is an ongoing endeavor.

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