"One day I noticed that my neighbor’s grandchildren were having a great time with chalk drawings on the expansive concrete plaza here at ElderSpirit.  Another day I thought that I can have fun with chalk!!  I wrote out big birthday greetings for good friends here.  The plaza is an unplanned part of the site layout … unanticipated because of a variety of creative crises in the design and construction process. 

The view from my apartment focuses on the plaza and I wanted to see something more pleasing and more permanent than chalk.  Others felt the same but we realized that major replacement of concrete and new landscape design was cost prohibitive at this time.  I proposed painting a Labyrinth on the concrete.  A series of presentations, discussions, and consensus decision making over a 6 month period came to the conclusion that yes, let’s do it!  Finances were provided for expenses other than my contribution as project designer and working artist.

I love to walk the Labyrinth.  At first I was hesitant …will it “work” ??  Then I found myself feeling the ease of movement and a connection with a centering energy for all I was in the midst of with the ElderSpirit Community.  Walking with the five extending flow shapes gave me more to play with."o

View Margaret Gregg's website for more information about the artist.


e the card that Margaret designed to describe the Labyrinth.

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ElderSpirit Community is entirely smoke-free, including the grounds.




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