One of the important aspects of community living at ElderSpirit is our desire to live a simple, active and pro-active lifestyle.

This may include visiting local landmarks and enjoying what they have to offer.

A group of particularly intrepid residents, committed to maintaining good physical conditioning, recently visited The Channels Natural Area Preserve in southwest Virginia, and brought back these amazing images, along with their memories.

Enjoy their views!



Our Community embraces these dimensions of late-life spirituality:
  • Spirituality

  • Service

  • Simple Lifestle & Respect for the Earth

  • Arts & Recreation

  • Health

  • Care during Illness & Dying

  • Mutual Assistence

  • Kindness

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Voluntary simplicity may also take the form of having fewer possessions, sharing of goods and attention to environmentally sound practices such as composting and recycling.

Simplicity is encouraged by efficient living spaces. At ElderSpirit, the private homes, both rentals and owned units,were designed to be affordable, as are the common buildings and beautiful grounds.

The community includes 29 homes, 13 of which are purchased at market-rate, and 16 are rental units. The single-story, wheelchair accessible homes are clustered around a shared pedestrian green space.






We share some common structures at ElderSpirit including the Spirit Center for contemplative activities as well as other spiritual events, and the Common House, the hub of community life for meetings, entertainment and community gatherings, with its own kitchen, laundry, art studio and dining room.

Every week members prepare and share at least two delicious, inexpensive meals in the Common House. This community building includes a meeting room, an art studio, a laundry room and two guest rooms for those who wish to visit us and explore the community first hand. If you'd like to visit the community and rent a guest room, email or call 276-619-5544.


This is the official website of ElderSpirit Community at Trailview. We welcome all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, elderliness, or national origin.


ElderSpirit Community is entirely smoke-free, including the grounds.