Management of ElderSpirit Community

Apart from the footprints of the owner-purchased homes, the ElderSpirit Development Corporation, a 501c3 organization, owns the rental units, the grounds and common areas. A Management Agent/Agency is hired by the Board of Directors of the Development Corporation to provide maintenance and upkeep of the property.

They are also responsible for collecting apartment rents, owner assessments and using these monies to pay utilities, maintenance and government loan agencies. They receive applications for the rental units and verify eligibility for qualified applicants.

The Elderspirit Development Corporation (EDC) is the owner of the common property and rental housing of ElderSpirit Community.

The EDC Board oversees the management and maintenance of the physical facilities and real property of the ElderSpirit Community.

The EDC Board meets regularly to conduct the business of the Corporation.

The Board includes members of the Elderspirit Community and members of the local community.

Day to day life at ElderSpirit is organized by the ElderSpirit Community Members Association and its committees and workgroups which have evolved to focus on various elements of the community. Each month the Members Association meets and decides issues before it. Most decisions related to community life are made by consensus where everyone’s opinion is encouraged and respected.

For all members to enjoy the benefit of community life, it is vital that everyone participates.

Committees that support community life are the Coordinating Council, Care, Common Buildings Management, Common Meals, Finance, Landscape, Membership, Program, and Spiritual Life, as well as ad hoc committees and work groups for special projects. Members choose the committees they want to work on according to their skills and interests. After a brief transition time, new members are asked / expected to join a committee and a cooking team - taking turns to prepare the twice weekly common meals and cleanup chores. Other jobs to choose from are helping to weed, mulch, help write the weekly bulletin, maintain our library, and participate in other standing committees, special or ad hoc groups.

We all share the work that is necessary to maintain the life of the community. That way everyone is involved, but no-one overburdened.

Our Community has developed a process for resolving the difficulties that are bound to arise among people who are trying to live together. Members in conflict with other individuals should go directly to them. Resolution comes with openness and honesty on the part of both parties, and the outcome often leaves the parties with a stronger relationship and a lasting bond. To help with interpersonal conflicts that cannot be resolved by the affected individuals talking it out between themselves, we ask both parties to find a person or persons in which both parties have trust and confidence. All the involved individuals would find a mutual time to meet to discuss the concern in an effort to resolve the problem. The use of conflict resolution is strictly voluntary but strongly encouraged.

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