Mutual support and neighborly care . . .

One of the key components of our life together at ElderSpirit Community is named Mutual Support and Care. We are an "independent living" community practicing compassionate, neighborly support and care for each other in times of need.

The Care Committee is one of the ElderSpirit committees. Its mission is to foster wellness and independence in our community, offering ongoing information via health notices, programs and roundtable discussions to facilitate health awareness. In addition, individual members may offer programs, presentations and knowledge  on exercise, nutrition and rest.  Social interaction and expression of feelings encourage members to learn ways of mutual support by asking for, giving and receiving help.

The Care committee also encourages members to join the Neighborly Support System. In this system, each member is asked to find 2 people in the community (or close by) to be neighborly support coordinators. Should a member become ill or injured, they can call their neighborly support coordinators to discuss their needs and how to meet them. This may further involve asking for volunteers from the community to provide help in the way of meals, laundry, rides, shopping, pet care, etc.. In this way we share the care and avoid anyone becoming burdened or overwhelmed.

Since we are an "independent living" community, when a member can no longer maintain independence within the community, their neighborly support coordinators may support and assist them in making choices for their next step.

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